This is Beit Assirati in 1945 the year I was born here is a list of his strength achievements

Could lay on his back on the floor, and pull over at arms length a 200lbs barbell, to set a British record 1938;

Could squat 800lbs unofficial World record 1938; Could squat with one leg with a 200lbs barbell on his shoulders;

Could squat continuously for half an hour while supporting 235 lbs; Could perform three one arm pull-ups 1938. At bodyweight of 240lbs;

Could hold a one-hand stand when weighing 266lbs 1938; Could do a crucifix on the rings when weighing 266lbs 1938;

Could do a military press of 160lbs with one arm 1938; Could perform a back somersault while holding a 56lb block weight in each hand;

Could perform back somersaults, or flip-flaps, while weighing 266lbs;

Could carry a piano a long distance on his back;

Could carry a telegraph pole a long distance on his back.

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